Who is Google’s real customer?

One of the first things a new Internet business owner needs to understand when starting in the game of Internet marketing is the real end game for search engines. How can a business index and rank “billions” of websites for FREE? The short answer is that they don’t do it for free, nor are they doing it for YOU, the internet business owner. So, why are they doing it? Read on to find out. Continue reading

Getting Started Tips for CSS and Web Standards Compliant Webpages

Over the last few years it has been interesting to see how many NEW websites are not W3C compliant. Part of the problem is the reality of SEO and the emphasis placed on the “latest great SEO technique”. Lost is the core foundations that make the web work and SEO possible. I was much relieved to see Google’s Panda release because a “very important leader” in the SEO world finally has made it clear that a well build website is what they want to see. Continue reading