About On Demand Web Technology Resource Blog

logo_newThe On Demand Web Technology Resource Blog and SonicWebTech evolved from a need to provide more advanced and targeted technical support to the small business and web development community. This blog provides web technology resources and support with shopping carts, PayPal, WordPress and other plug-in web tools. SonicWebTech is a division of SonicSpider LLC, a full service web development company.

Our technical service menu is extensive with PayPal, programming, installations and technical consulting packages. Review our programs and offerings at our main SonicWebTech site.

About John B. Moore

SonicSpider LLC’s Technical Director, John B. Moore is the main author of this blog and provides an extensive knowledge base with over 25 years experience with web technologies and programming.

John’s current focus is on web centric languages: Java, Flash, and PHP highlighting open source technologies, as well as Web2.0 and Social Media technologies. He works on both server side technologies (Java and PHP based), as well as developing “rich thin client” web interfaces using DOM scripting, AJAX, XML, Flash and providing these advanced technologies to small and medium-sized businesses to solve real business problems and needs. John is a strong advocate of W3C web standards as a means for maintaining a dynamic, universal, and affordable web platform for business and continues to develop training and support content on web technologies for business through ebooks, videos and blogs.

For more about John, visit SonicSpider’s Team page….