How to Upload SonicUniversity Press eBooks to Your Mobile Device

Our eBooks come to you in three file formats: ePub, PDF, and Mobi.

  • The ePub format is the industry standard and is supported by all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod), as well as the Nook, Sony Reader, Stanza, and Adobe Digital Editions.
  • The Mobi format is supported by Amazon’s Kindle.
  • The PDF can be read in Adobe Acrobat or Preview (on the Mac), as well as many other devices and programs.

Instructions for installing your ebook into several common readers follow below. For advice on installing your eBook on other readers, please seek support from the reader’s maker.

iPhone and iPad

Drag the ePub file into iTunes and sync your iPhone/iPad/iPod to iTunes.


Add the ePub file to the my documents folder of your Nook.


Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac and navigate to the Apps tab under the device. Select Stanza. Drag your ePub file to the Stanza Documents list.

Sony Reader

Connect your Sony Reader to your computer. Drag the ePub file to the Reader icon in the left column of the Reader Library software.

Adobe Digital Editions

In the Library menu, click Add Item to Library and select the ePub file.


Connect your Kindle to your computer and drag the Mobi file to the documents folder on your Kindle.


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